INSFREE insect screens is meant for doors, windows, airholes and ventilators of houses, hospitals, hotels etc,. It is made by fixing a net on anodized or powder coated aluminium frames of special design. We provide the alternative to fix the nets with velcro which will be attached to the window (typically used in rental homes or hostels). It acts as an additional shutter to the windows and doors so that the main shutter can be left open allowing for free flow of air while preventing mosquitoes, flies and other insects from entering inside. INSFREE also prevents rats, cats, snakes, birds and other pests from entering the building.


Insfree comes in three models: Sliding, Hinged and Fixed types: The hinged type is meant primarily for wooden framed windows and doors and open and close in the same way as windows. The sliding type is suitable for any type of window. The fixed type is for air holes and ventilators where regular opening of the screen is not necessary.

We also provide three types of nets: Stainless steel, HDPE (high density polythene) and fiberglass nets. Our stainless steel and HDPE nets are very strong and durable. Fiberglass nets are much more flexibile and are frequently used with velcro


While the hinged type is mainly meant for wooden framed windows and doors, the sliding type is suitable for  any type of windows. The fixed type is for air holes where frequent opening of the screen is not necessary.


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